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Ways You Can Save Resources (and Lots of Your Money)


--  At Home  --


  1. Turn off unused lights. 

  2. Replace incandescent & CFL bulbs with LED’s. 

  3. Use a clothes line. 

  4. Turn off parasitic loads like chargers, TV’s and computers when not in use  with power strips.  Borrow a Kill-A-Watt from your public library to find out where your electricity dollars are really going.  

  5. Walk or ride a bicycle. 

  6. Plant shade trees. 

  7. Plant a garden. 

  8. Start a compost pile. 

  9. Buy local produce to reduce food miles. 

  10. Apply low-e window films. 

  11. Install skylights and solar tubes for daylighting.

  12. Install a solar photovoltaic system. 

  13. Install a solar hot water heater or tankless water heater or place an insulating blanket around your present water heater.  

  14. Get an energy audit and upgrade insulation and caulking. 

  15. Use ceiling fans.  Install a whole-house fan.

  16. Purchase ENERGY STAR appliances. 

  17. Use a solar oven. 

  18. Dust refrigerator coils regularly. 

  19. Clean or replace air filters regularly. 

  20. Combine errands and shopping trips. 

  21. Recycle everything. 


--  At School  -- 


  1. Turn off lights.  50% of schools electricity goes to lighting.  Start student patrols to report unused lighting or water leaks. 

  2. Plant trees. 

  3. Students learn how building heating and cooling works. 

  4. Students use infrared thermometers and tissue paper to detect air leaks. 

  5. Buy ENERGY STAR computers. 

  6. Set up computers for sleep mode when not in use.  Turn off computers at end of day and on weekends. 

  7. Walk or ride bikes to school.  Visit the national Safe Routes to School website at 

  8. Apply for a solar photovoltaic system grant. 

  9. Recycle everything.


--  At Work  --


  1. Rideshare.

  2. Ride the bus or train.

  3. Inflate tires to correct pressure. 

  4. Turn off lights.  Install occupancy sensors to turn off lights in unused rooms. 

  5. Buy ENERGY STAR office equipment. 

  6. Turn electronics off at end of the day and on weekends. 

  7. Print on both sides of paper or go paperless. 

  8. Give rewards for energy saving suggestions based on savings. 

  9. Recycle everything.

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