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Renewable Energy Career's Reading List

(Number indicates issue of Hydrogen Today review)


1. Careers in Renewable Energy - Gregory McNamee (2008) 19-1

2. The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity - Pernick & Wilder (2009) 20-1

3. Powering the Future: The Ballard Fuel Cell and the Race to Change the World - Tom Koppel (2001) 20-1

4. Alcohol Can Be a Gas!: Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century - David Blume (2007) 20-1

5. The Incredible Secret Money Machine- A How-To Cookbook for Setting Up Your Own Computer, Craft or Technical Business - Don Lancaster (1978) 20-1

6. Saving Energy, Growing Jobs: How Environmental Protection Promotes Economic Growth, Profitability, Innovation and Competition - David Goldstein (2007) 22-1

7. Solar Hydrogen Civilization - Roy McAlister, President of the AHA (2005)

8. The Next Great Thing: The Sun, The Stirling Engine and the Drive to Change the World - Mark Shelton (1994)

9. Photovoltaics Design and Installation Manual - Solar Energy International (2004)

10. Natural Capitalism - Hawken & Lovens (1999) 19-1

11. Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business - Paul Gipe (2004)

12. Biodiesel: Basics and Beyond, A Comprehensive Guide to Production and Use for the Home and Farm - William Kemp (2006)

13. From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank- Joshua Tickell (2003)

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