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~ Stan & Dan compressing and storing 50,000+  PSI hydrogen.  (58 min.)

~ Dan's NFPA 2 Hydrogen Code update meeting report.

~ Cipher Neutron (Toronto) AEM electrolyzer.  Also reversible fuel cell.

~ Powdered hydrogen - Sodium borohydride, just add water.

~ Is China closing in on solid-state hydrogen storage?

~ Who won the four DOE Hydrogen Shot $400,000 Incubator prizes?

~ High pressure electrolyzers.  What is high pressure?
        Parr Instrument - 1450 PSI    
        Giner (now Plug Power)
        Avalence Hydrofiller (out of business) - 10,000 PSI.  Shimko patent.
~ Quaise Energy (Cambridge, MA) electron beam Gyrotron can continuously vaporize ultradeep geothermal well holes at 1 foot per minute.

~ Accelera (Cummins) H2Rescue fuel cell disaster relief truck.  1500 mile range.

~ Hylight (France) unmanned inspection airship uses the lifting hydrogen to run fuel cells.


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